What is a Bank ‘Missale’ ?

What is a bank ‘Missale’ ?

I asked this question to a senior Cabinet Minister this week – they could not answer

I asked this question to a Member of Parliament this week – they could not answer

This is because the question has not been allowed to be defined in Law. We all know it is a legal wrongdoing, but is it a Tort or is it a Fraud ? 

A ‘Missale’ has to be something.

Politicians and Media make up phrases to suit wrongdoings ; missale, expenses scandal, mistakes in evidence giving. When reporting to the public on these the public don’t need a soft landing, we need the truth.

All these crimes, including the latter which is impossible to consider was allowed to happen direct to MPs, need to be told for what they are; Fraud, Theft and False Statements as we know what these are.

Maybe it is time for victims to detail and phrase the crimes for the Politicians and Media.

The last two weeks has seen me visit by invitation No 10 Downing Street, The Treasury and film for The Politics Show with Lawrence Tomlinson, a true gent and fellow Yorkshireman who says things as they are.

When banks ‘missell’ they do it with full knowledge and planning, it is not a mistake or an error. 

Premeditated design of products like PPI and IRHPs are planned at the highest level, designated a route to market and then sold on mass to vulnerable customers; the none vulnerable wouldn’t buy them – so who better to sell them to under the guise of ‘protection’

Disgraceful. The disgust I feel simply motivates me more to bring about the issues of ‘misselling’ and the effects it has.

Our banking system is ill. We need prevention as a cure. Until there is something to fear banks will continue to Abuse the Vulnerable and adapt by design products for their gain only to sell on mass.

Which Political party has the Moral Compass to make change ?

One thought on “What is a Bank ‘Missale’ ?

  1. Nice blog.

    Won’t be parties that force change, has to be people.

    Wasted on a chase for trainers and cheap tracksuits but a couple of days in August 2011 showed exactly where the real power lies. Just need to overcome apathy and focus that anger on a worthwhile issue.

    Shackling a sociopathic corporatocracy would be a nice start and ultimately more rewarding than three pairs of adidas in the wrong size.

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