Insolvency Assist provide a service to Insolvency Practitioners and Directors to understand their options when reviewing financial products sold that may cause or have caused Insolvency. 

We provide an independent assessment of the facts and facilitate services from our range of Financial Experts, Industry Review Specialists, Lawyers and Counsel.   

In-house specialism and industry experience allows a unique combination for fast and affordable insight

We specialise in Interest Rate Hedging Product’s (IRHP) and have worked alongside the FCA and Government departments to assist Insolvent companies with valid claims in the review programme. We act as a portal to access specialist advice and insight for this niche subject matter and firmly believe that insolvency can not be a safe haven for redress in the IRHP review scheme; for both the bank or customer

Our Community Interest Statement is lodged with Companies House
The company’s activities will provide benefit to companies who are about to or who have entered Administration or are Dissolved, with a claim for a miss sold financial product or a claim for inappropriate advice that may result in action to bring about a financial redress or financial compensation

Insolvency Assist CIC

01482 238890

07713 507774



Beach Approach, The Beach, Filey, YO14 9LB

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